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Agenda 2020

26 januari Koblenz Duitsland

1 Jahr "Milonga am Rheinsteigufer"

Tangata salon en concert

Diehls Hotel, Rheinsteigufer 1, Koblenz



8 februari

Duo Tangata

Misa Tango van Palmeri miniscratch workshop

Randstedelijk Zanginstituut

Aanvang 10:00-17:00 uur

Oud-Katholieke kerk en Cultuurhuis Garenspinnerij
Turfsingel 34a te Gouda

Deelname € 55,00 p.p. excl. kosten bladmuziek à € 15,00


15 februari Enkhuizen

Cuarteto Tangata salon

Die Port van Cleve Enkhuizen

Dijk 74-76, 1601 GK Enkhuizen

Aanvang salon 20.00 uur



29 februari Utrecht

Trio Tangata

Verjaardag Onno 60, besloten!


9 - 12 april Parijs Frankrijk

Trio Tangata Arno Tango Salon

48 Rue de la Gare de Reuilly, 75012 Paris, Frankrijk


25 april Zandvoort

Cuarteto Tangata besloten

Club Nautique Boulevard Barnaard 23 2041 KB Zandvoort

Aanvang 13.00 uur


9 mei Hurwenen 

duo Tangata meespeelconcert Strijkers besloten

het Hurns Kerkje

Dorpsplein 14, 5327 AS Hurwenen

Aanvang 12.00 uur

Concertje 18.00 uur (ook voor bezoekers)


16 mei Haren

Tangata en Jeannine Geerts besloten


7 juni Parijs Frankrijk

Cuarteto Tangata salon


14 juni Vierakker

Cuarteto Tangata Salon


Vierakkerstraatweg 37

Vierakker aanvang 14.00 uur / 19.00 uur


20 juni Durgerdam Amsterdam Noord

Trio Tangata concert

Waterland-Kerkenland 25 jaar

Kerk Durgerdam

Durgerdammerdijk 76, 1026 CG Amsterdam


26 september Almelo

Cuarteto Tangata Theaterroute


18 oktober Arnhem

Trio Tangata salon 

Flor de Fango aanvang 20.00 uur

Wezenstraat 5a
(+31) 026-4459119


Avenir Light is een rustig en stijlvol lettertype dat de voorkeur heeft van vele ontwerpers. Het is een goed lettertype voor titels, paragrafen en meer.


Over Tangata

Tangata is a Tango ensemble formed by  professional musicians who specialize in the Argentinian Tango for many years.


In their own innovating and unique style they arrange compositions by the old Tango masters as: Troilo, Puigliese, De Caro, Di Sarli, Piazzolla, Salgan and many other composers.


They also perform their own special compositions written by pianist Margreet Markerink. Margreet won first price of the Dutch Tango Award ’’El Choclo” for some of her compositions.


Tangata started as Trio Tangata and performed in The Nederlands, Portugal, France, Turkey, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Spain, Italy and Argentina.


Tangata performed at festivals, theaters, tango salons, as wel as for private events, and can play as duo, trio, kwartet or kwintet, according to the demands and wishes.


Tangata has worked for many years with the professional tango dance- couple : Carlos and Mirella who are the current (2017) European Champions.


Tangata performs Tango, full of passion, energetic, lively, ritmically and with a scent of melancolie, which makes each concert a special moment full of emotion.



Margreet Markering: piano and compositions

Jacqueline Edeling: bandoneon and arrangements

Boris Franz: double base 

Andrea Bentivoglio: violin

Jeannine Geerts: vocals


Jacq 2.JPG

Jacqueline Edeling


A true expert on bellows-instruments, Jacqueline plays every imaginable form of these instruments in a wide variety of styles. A definitive choice for tango led to a complete focus on the bandoneon, playing major concert halls in the Netherlands and abroad either as a soloist with different orchestras or as a member of several professional tango groups. Jacqueline is also an arranger/musician in Fuego Latino and has her own solo theatre show.

ANDREA muziekgebouw IJ 2016.jpg

Andrea Bentivoglio


Andrea Bentivoglio


Andrea Bentivoglio started playing the violin at the age of 9 as a pupil of L. Spiller in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

At the age of 17 she was invited to study at the Menuhin Academy in Gstaad, Switzerland.

There she met violinist Ana Chumachenco and moved to Germany to study with her at the Conservatory of Augsburg.

In 1985 she moved to the Netherlands to complete her study as pupil of Herman Krebbers at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam.

During 1989-1994 she played at the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, were she worked with many marvelous musicians.

After motherhood Andrea started playing other sorts of music, such as the music of her roots: the Tango!

She met Margreet and Jacqueline whilst performing with both in different groups, and joined Tangata in 2015.

Andrea works as an independent musician, playing different styles of music in several groups and formations ranging from duo to orchestra, and she loves to teach the violin to children and adults of all ages.

Andrea: "For me, the most important thing of making music is to be able to express my feelings through my instrument: my goal is to move people with my music and be able to touch their soul."


Margreet Markerink

Piano- compositions

Margreet Markerink | Pianist and composer influenced by the Argentinian tango music.


Margreet studied classical piano  at the conservatorium (under supervision of Mathijs Verschoor ), as well as music therapy . Throughout her educational pathway she got inspired by the Tango music via the music of Astor Piazzola and after she visited some great tango concerts of Color Tango.

She decided to dedicate her musical career to this Argentinean sound and proceeded by specializing in Tango music at the Conservatorium in Rotterdam. Her mentors Carel Kraayen, Leo Vervelde, and Gustavo Beytelmann taught her how to resonate the music of some great Tango masters, such as Astor Piazolla, and how to compose her own Tango sound as well.

Many concerts theatre-shows and cd's followed with Tango Dorado.  

 Together with Jacqueline Edeling (bandoneon) and Boris Franz (contrabass) she formed the ensemble Trio Tangata, which is now  complemented with Andrea Bentivoglio (violin) and   Jeanine Geerts(vocals) 

 They  performed worldwide tours with concerts in Buenos Aires, Minnesota, Helsinki , Spain, Istanbul, Lübeck ,  France and Lisbon

 Margreet also seeks to establish the connection between Tango and other musical fields, by collaborating with various fellow musicians of diverse backgrounds. This resulted in a blend between Tango and classical music by working with the Ensemble Four Seasons, Hague Chamber ensemble, and the soloist Emmy storms, but also in a theater program with Kees Scholten. And World music with the Tibetan singer Namgyal Lhamo.

 Margreet received the first "Choclo composition Award" for five new Tango compositions. 

As music can bring people together, she recorded “Moving friends” for her dearest close by and far away. In this album, she, complemented compositions from Astor Piazolla, Carlos Gardel, Anibal Troilo, and Johan Sebastian Bach with 12 of her own compositions.


Boris Franz 

Double base

Boris (Bonn, 1974) studied Jazz double base at Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Already while studying he put his focus on tango and wrote and performed his own music in this genre. After his conservatory study he worked together with a group from a generation of young masters from Buenos Aires Dario Polonara, Nicolas Giordano and Juan Otero. As the base man in Mark Wyman’s Orquesta Amago Boris has done many miles with danceable tango repertoire from the golden age. Boris is performing and has performed with many tango groups: Fabian Carbone Cuarteto, Tango Extremo, the 4 Seasons Ensemble, Origen Tango and others. With Trio Nocturna he has won the first prize in the De Choclo competition and the Doble Ocho competition. As the musical leader of Sexteto Tango El Portal Boris ended on the second place of the Doble Ocho competition twice and on the third place of the Café Tango Award.

Jeannine Geerts


Jeannine Geerts attended the Tilburg Conservatory before studying solo singing under Margreet Honig at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam in the drama (opera) department. Jeannine sang for five years as a soloist in the Hoofdstad Operetta. She worked in Germany in the Operetten Tournee Theatre in Hannover and sung, amongst others, in the opera in Krakau.

Jeannine has also earned her reputation in the field of musicals and was to be heard in The Sound of Music performed by the Flanders Koninklijk Ballet and sang in the Joop van den Ende-productions ‘Cats’, ‘La Cage aux Folles’ and ‘love Story’. Also she sang in ‘Les Miserables’ and ‘Romeo and Julia’ (Music-Hall-production) in Antwerp and the role of Queen in the Studio 100 production ‘Snow White. For her role as "barones", she was nominated as the best female supporting actress for the Flanders musical awards. As an actress she has regularly been cast play in the series “Onderweg naar Morgen” and ‘Fataal’. She is also frequently active as an actress in Commercials for T.V. 


Jeannine has worked for many years as a singing teacher/vocal Coach. She coached in the region 't Gooi (Hilversum) and Tilburg region. At the moment she also gives in the country workshops "voice liberation-Voicefulness, to get better as a singer in contact with your body and solve blockages. And singing masterclasses and workshops .


Jeannine;” Years ago Fado and Tango came to my path and I sing in two bands; Fadango and Tangata.

What a gift to be able to express, with , my heartfelt  interpretation of this beautiful and intense music...."

Musicians biographies


For bookings and other questions, please contact us by  the contact form:


Loek Muijsenberg


We are on the move!


Horacio Ferrer:

your music touches my hart! 

Tangata playing at the Schleswig Holstein Music Festival 2016/2017

Rob Torito ''I was surprised and touched by the quality of their play and fine repertoire""


BB Tango

BB  Anibal Troilo

Yo soy Maria
Yo soy María

Yo soy Maria - Astor Piazzolla

Tango Show

Tango Show

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